Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Meet Jim Trippon

Meet Jim Trippon

Jim Trippon is America’s foremost authority on China investing, using proven investing techniques and principles. A former Price Waterhouse CPA, who has worked inside China, Jim has invested in China’s financial markets for years. His team of financial journalists is based in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, and Beijing. Jim serves as Editor-in Chief of China Stock Digest from its offices in Hong Kong and Houston.

Over the course of his career, Jim has become nationally recognized as one of America’s top financial advisors for millionaires. Through his thriving asset management practice, Trippon has advised hundreds of millionaires on financial planning, portfolio management, retirement management, estate planning and advanced tax strategies. Jim, a bestselling financial author, is frequently quoted in the press both nationally and internationally and speaks at major investment conferences. He has been featured on CNBC, FOX News, First Business, Women’s World and CBS Market Watch.

Jim’s Texas roots, and his affinity for energy industry, have served him well and have allowed him to work personally with executives at some of the world’s largest oil companies. In Texas, Jim runs Trippon Wealth Management Group LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm that works primarily with senior corporate executives and their families.

Prior to opening his own practice, Trippon worked with Price Waterhouse as a senior financial statement auditor for numerous “Fortune 100″ corporations. His responsibilities included planning and supervision of financial statements, annual reports and SEC filings for industrial giants such as Exxon and Shell Oil. Over decades of practice, Trippon’s knowledge has helped clients to make and protect hundreds of millions of dollars. Recently he revealed his most effective strategies in a new book, How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement Planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work For You.

In a 20-year study leading up to the publication of his book, Trippon personally met with and interviewed over 1,000 millionaires. His ongoing research uncovered the techniques that millionaires use to stay on top. Trippon’s book reveals the secrets of becoming and staying rich, to readers who want to learn from America’s wealthiest individuals.

Trippon’s dedication to his field and unique financial expertise has been widely recognized. The U.S. Small Business Administration named him “Small Business Accountant of the Year” and while working with the Texas Society of CPAs, Trippon served as a state committee member of the Ethics Committee. He is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce Beijing, the American Institute of CPAs, the Petroleum Club of Houston, and MENSA.

Trippon’s vast knowledge and advising skills have pushed him to the top, a place he plans to stay far into the future.