Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Meet Sunny Wang

Sunny Wang is the former Shanghai Bureau Chief of People’s Daily (China’s official national newspaper) and it’s Research Center for Publicly-traded Companies, as well as the former Chief of Interview Sector of China Reform Daily, and former Bureau Chief of Asia Pacific Economic Times East China Bureau.

Sunny Wang

As a journalist/editor and bureau chief, Sunny and her team had extensive access to and research on the premier publicly-traded companies and securities companies in East China. Sunny continues to maintain excellent working relationship with those publicly-traded companies and institutions as well as their senior executives. She has a particular eye for Chinese economic policies and trends as well as the Chinese stock market.

Sunny Wang graduated from the Chinese Northeast Normal University in the 1980′s. She later became an Assistant Professor at the Normal University in Northern China. After completing a graduate Degree in the 90′s, she was hired by People’s Daily as a journalist/editor and later was promoted to editor in chief. She also participated in the publishing of a historical picture album 50 years of Splendor of the PRC. This album was in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Sunny was awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneur” title by the Shanghai Pu Dong Software Zone due to her extraordinary management and business performance.

In 2006, Sunny immigrated to the US and now lives with her family in Houston, Texas. Ms. Wang manages communications with the relative Chinese departments and Chinese securities institutions, and CSD’s Hong Kong and Shanghai divisions and the local teams of China Stock Digest analysts throughout China. Sunny Wang, still a Chinese national, is a key member of the China Stock Digest team of whom we are extremely proud.