Sunday, February 19th, 2017

The Underappreciated Bullish Consequences of China’s Yuan Move About: yuan, Shanghai Composite Index, China ADR Index, China’s economy, Beijing, Bank of China, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks I couldn’t help but laugh as I read the first bloggers’ comments about China’s decision to allow the yuan to be unpegged for the first time in two [...]

China’s Black Hole Investment and What’s Being Done to Fill It About: China’s economy, Beijing, stock markets, Chinese exports, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks, China’s real estate Beijing has done a great job of sparking China’s economy. The global financial crisis continues. But China is almost out of the woods. Except for one big problem. [...]

China Leads World Markets Out of Slump About: PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain), global economic recovery, Chinese exports, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks, China’s real estate market Europe’s debt fever is infecting markets around the world, raising investor fears that global economic recovery could be ruined by a default among the PIIGS (Portugal, [...]

The Ups and Sobering Downs of World’s Biggest IPO About: Agricultural Bank of China Ltd, Hong Kong stock exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd, Bank of Agriculture, Agricultural Bank IPO, Agricultural Bank Investors will be watching very closely as China announces the final details of the world’s biggest stock offering [...]

China’s Auto Industry Soars About: Toyota (NYSE: TM), General Motors, Moody’s Investors Service, Shanghai GM Yes, China’s burgeoning automobile market will eventually calm down from what can only be described as parabolic growth. Moody’s Investors Service even predicted negative growth in Chinese auto demand for the fourth quarter of this year, but going forward this [...]