Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Can You Hear Me Now? China’s Story Loud and Clear It seems that many financial writers, bloggers and internet denizens are having trouble accepting the remarkable China growth story. When China announced that the nation’s first quarter growth had hit a blazing 11.9 percent annualized, many scoffed. How could it be, they wondered, that the [...]

PepsiCo Looks To Bolster China Presence PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), the world’s second-largest soft drink maker, said it plans to spend $2.5 billion over the next three years in China as it seeks to bolster its presence in the world’s largest country. New York-based PepsiCo announced $1 billion in China investments in 2008 and that total [...]

Does Beijing Have The Guns To Stymie Inflation? About: China’s economy, Chinese stocks, China economy, China Stock, China Stock Market, People’s Bank of China, China’s financial system Talk of inflation is rarely a positive topic, but as it pertains to China, the mere mention of inflation is downright toxic. Consider that while China’s economy is [...]

Fresh Wave of Confidence Rises on China Profits and Sales About: China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese industrial profits, Entrepreneur Confidence Index, Business Climate Index, Chinese investment climate, Jim Trippon, China’s equity markets It’s small wonder that China’s latest surveys of business confidence are up again for the first quarter of the year. It was [...]

China Inflation May be Just What the Doctor Ordered About: Shanghai Composite Index, China’s economy, China investing, China economy, China Stock Digest, Chinese economy, China stock market You could almost hear the sound of the sky falling as journalists around the world hit their keyboards pronounced judgment on the latest inflation figures from China. Consumer [...]