Sunday, February 19th, 2017

China’s Black Hole Investment and What’s Being Done to Fill It About: China’s economy, Beijing, stock markets, Chinese exports, Chinese stock market, Chinese stocks, China’s real estate Beijing has done a great job of sparking China’s economy. The global financial crisis continues. But China is almost out of the woods. Except for one big problem. [...]

Shanghai’s key stock index dropped more than two percent today as investors took profits after a central bank announcement said it may fine-tune the macroeconomic policy. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index tumbled 2.11 percent, or 72.17 points, to close at 3,365.33 points. The Shanghai market is still up approximately 88% from last year’s lows. Corporate [...]

Why A Strong Dollar Is Good For China’s Economy (Why and how you need to hedge against the greenback) Here’s the latest alarmist headline from TIME Magazine: “Replacing the Dollar: China’s Big Plans for Its Currency” Should investors pay heed? A lot of China watchers have been mystified by Beijing’s complaints about the stability of [...]

Fortune Smiles on China Chinese Companies Race To New Highs It’s more bad news for the U.S. as the latest Fortune 500 global ranking hits the wires. The number of U.S. companies in the top 500 has fallen to just 140. That is the lowest number since Fortune began the list more than fifteen years [...]

China is finally feeling bullish about the stock markets once again. Just last September, Chinese regulatory authorities suspended all new IPOs following a 60% plunge in the stock market. Now the ten-month blackout is coming to an end, signaling a potentially major shift in investor sentiment. Initial public offerings are in the works for Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.