Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Billionaire George Soros may be politically controversial in America but his financial track record is still very impressive. He made a fortune by betting against an overvalued British pound and he was among the first to predict the U.S. financial crisis, caused by what he called a credit “super bubble.” Now Soros is making headlines [...]

China Phone Stocks Ringing up Profits! Industry giants China Mobile and China Unicom are currently among the market’s biggest Big Cap gainers. Both companies are soaring in anticipation of a new generation of 3G phones entering the world’s biggest wireless market. For China Unicom (CHU), it’s all about the much-coveted 3g iPhone. Unicom executives have [...]

3 Trillion Reasons You Should Listen Now It’s no secret that China was first out of the gate with an economic stimulus plan last November, allocating $586 billion dollars for the biggest economic shot in the arm in that country’s history. Now there’s an even more important stimulus plan in the works, one that investors [...]

// Traveling, Travelling and more Travelling: As many of you know, I was in Las Vegas last week speaking at The Money Show. I met a lot of great people. Many of you singed up for a free report China’s Top 2 Gaming Stocks, and I hope that you find that report a great addition [...]

We’re cashing in our gains once again at the China Stock Digest! Just last Tuesday we alerted you that we were raising our “Profit Protector” stop loss thresholds on all holdings in our model portfolio. With China on the rebound we wanted to protect gains as high 30 percent (or more) on some of our [...]