Sunday, February 19th, 2017

China Coal Imports Set To Soar About: Goldman Sachs, Claymore/AlphaShares China SmallCap ETF (NYSE: HAO), WisdomTree Emerging Markets Small-Cap Dividend ETF (NYSE: DGS), Goldman Sachs is bullish on Chinese equities, saying they may rise another 25% before the end of this year as the promise of the Yuan appreciating may enable China to bring an [...]

China’s Trade Deficit Hampers Free-Floating Yuan About: China’s new trade deficit, booming Chinese economy, Chinese Customs Administration, China’s president, Hu Jintao, Jim Trippon, China’s equity markets, Chinese Yuan, China’s soaring imports, China’s economic expansion China posted a March trade deficit of $7.2 billion, news that may downright shocking to some market observers. The deficit represents [...]

It’s official. Shanghai has clinched its place as the world’s hottest stock market, jumping an astonishing 100% from its low last year. The demand for new equities in China was underscored today with another blazing IPO. Sichuan Expressway Co. tripled on its first day of trading as an economic rebound spurs demand for equities. Toll-road [...]

Why A Strong Dollar Is Good For China’s Economy (Why and how you need to hedge against the greenback) Here’s the latest alarmist headline from TIME Magazine: “Replacing the Dollar: China’s Big Plans for Its Currency” Should investors pay heed? A lot of China watchers have been mystified by Beijing’s complaints about the stability of [...]

Fortune Smiles on China Chinese Companies Race To New Highs It’s more bad news for the U.S. as the latest Fortune 500 global ranking hits the wires. The number of U.S. companies in the top 500 has fallen to just 140. That is the lowest number since Fortune began the list more than fifteen years [...]