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Are you worried about your retirement nest egg?

Fear ofthe tax rate increases by our current presidential administration?

Inflation Worries?

Not Seeing Returns of 30%, 40%, 60%, or 200%

As a growing percentage of the U.S. population are at or nearing retirement, they are mentally preparing themselves to a life of vacationing, time with the grandkids, leisure travelling, and MOST of them are not financially prepared to live this relaxed life of "retirement."

In contrast, I also see a number of people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s that are not thinking about their retirement. Not only are they not thinking about it, they are acting like they will live forever, spending lavishly, no long-term financial strategy, and most living payday to payday without good enough credit to finance an economy car. Little thought is directed towards surviving the decades of their retirement year that they will soon face.

Both groups have failed to shore up their financial future with a nest egg that will not only maintain consistent income already earned, and provide a steady income for the retirement years.

Will Social Security Be Your Savior?

IF you’re going to receive any Social Security Benefits, it will be a mere drop in the bucket compared to the necessary income to retire comfortably. If you visit the Social Security Administration Website even states that unless SIGNIFICANT changes are made to the Social Security System, a person who is 35 today, will see their benefits reduced by over 26% in 2040, and reduces even more each year thereafter.

Company pension plans are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many companies are dissolving their pension plans and leaving retirement planning up to the individual. Even more so, many companies that once offered pension benefits do not have the necessary funds to pay out the current benefit obligations.


If you are lucky enough to have a solid pension plan, you are facing erosion from inflation, soaring healthcare costs, higher and higher energy costs, and increased cost of household goods.

If that wasn’t enough…..we are living longer as life expectancies are steadily increasing. Don’t get me wrong, the cost of living has not affected its popularity! But, it does mean that in order to live a comfortable life, we must manage our money better now than EVER BEFORE!


Building wealth and a secure, steady income stream is Available. Not just pennies saved by cutting coupons or lowering your thermostat during the winter. REAL INCOME NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE!

If you’re settling for "minimum wage" yields from your income-producing investments, it’s time you gave yourself a big, big pay raise!

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Why "Traditional Investing Strategies" No Longer Work!

For our example, let’s say you have $10,000 to invest. With your $10,000, you buy a 10-year bond, earning 5%. What kind of returns can you expect?

If inflation was to stay unchanged for the 10-year bond period, your yield would BARELY cover the rising prices of health care, energy costs, children’s education expenses, and household good costs. REMEMBER: Your yield is locked in, never going up. That is bad news!

At the end of your 10 years, how much is your initial investment worth? Yep, you are right…..$10,000. That is even worse than the fix bond yield rate!

Your nest egg has not grown, and you have lost 10 very valuable years in retirement planning. On the contrary:

You need to subscribe to Dividend Genius and earn yields that will beat the pants off of what you’d get from CDs, money markets, or treasury bonds!

Our Model Portfolio Earnings:

  • Average Dividend Yield: 9%

  • Average Stock Valuation Increase: 39%

With Dividend Genius, you now have two revenue streams! You are not only getting a 9% dividend yield, but your stock price has increased its value by 39%!

Imagine how much more comfortable your retirement lifestyle will become once you double or triple what you’re earning! Imagine bigger and better vacations, less worry about the rising cost of living, and most importantly TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS!

So Are You Ready To Build The Portfolio Of Your Dreams?

Our subscribers are saying WOW! After the biggest buying alert in the history of the Dividend Genius, our followers are already scoring big gains on recent recommendations.

For the first time since the global financial crisis hit markets worldwide, the Dividend Genius portfolio is 100% invested!

Recently, I released six calls for new buys. The results are in! Already the returns are already very, very handsome as you will see.

  • Communications Holding Company – 6.63% gain in value, 6.24% dividend yield

  • Oil Company – 3.12% gain in value, 6.50% dividend yield

  • Supplier of Telecommunications Services – 14.25% gain in value, 9.51% dividend yield

  • Integrated Communications Company – 5.51% gain in value, 8.89% dividend yield

  • Public Utility Holding Company – 7.10% gain in value, 6.29% dividend yield

Five winners out of six! Even our competitors would have to admit, these are great returns for just two weeks. This does not include our list of already huge winners in our model portfolio like:

  • Natural Gas Transportation Pipeline – 31.48% gain in value, 6.66 dividend yield

  • Oil & Petroleum Transportation Company – 88.03% gain in value, 8.61% dividend yield

  • Petroleum Products Distribution Company – 69.56% gain in value, 6.13% dividend yield

  • Natural Gas Liquids Processor – 96.9% gain in value, 11.12 dividend yield

  • Transporter of Natural Gas – 204.76% gain in value, 11.16% dividend yield

This is just to name a few. Other returns are 45.53%, 29.61%, 25.01%, 70.98%, 35.89%, 39.84%

2 Years of Dividend Genius
For $399

1 Year of Dividend Genius
For $199


What Subscribers Are Saying About Their Success:


Why Subscribe Now?
I know that you are a savvy investor and a smart business person. You can tell a GREAT opportunity when you see one.

This is a great time to get back into the market, earn huge profits and strong dividends.

Act now, you cannot afford to risk your retirement nest egg by not acting Subscribe today and you will have instant access to our model portfolio with a Year-to-Date average return of 39%


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2 Years of Dividend Genius
For $399

1 Year of Dividend Genius
For $199

Committed to your PROFITS,

Jim Trippon

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