Sunday, February 19th, 2017

“….the time to buy Chinese stocks is now, ” says Black Rock Inc. Issuing dire warnings about China’s economy and stock markets became a bit of a fad in financial media last month. Getting the most ink was Dr. Doom, Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom Boom and Doom newsletter. Faber made headlines by saying [...]

The Yuan War Continues About: Bank of New York Mellon China ADR Index (BKCN), Treasury Department, U.S. trade representative Susan Schwab, New York University professor Nouriel Roubini, Bloomberg, China’s President  Hu Jintao, President Obama, ADR Index, China Stock Digest, Chinese equities, Jim Trippon, China’s equity markets The real story of what’s happening in relations between [...]

The World Invests New Capital in China About: (FDI, Foreign Direct Investment) A great measure of world confidence in any economic system is foreign direct investment (FDI). Foreign direct investment is registered when a company decides to put its money on the construction of new stores, factories or other assets outside of home base. Now [...]

PERSONAL NOTE FROM JIM: As I have predicted, China will lead the world out of the recession. Each and every day there are more signs that I am spot on with my assessment. The Shanghai Composite Index is rising faster than opposition to Obama’s new health care plan, and here is the latest from Hang [...]