Sunday, February 19th, 2017

China Unicom Gaining in iPhone War About: (CHU, China Unicom, China Unicom 3G system) Ever since China Unicom introduced the Apple iPhone to China last month, pessimists have been predicting doom. The Chinese don’t want and can’t afford 3G service according to various analysts and experts. Well, it’s true that there weren’t lines around the [...]

703 MILLION EARS THE BIGGEST AUDIENCE IN THE WORLD China’s unimaginably large mobile phone industry just broke through another barrier today, surpassing 700 million users – 703 million to be exact. That’s twice the population of the United States which has subscribed to one of just three mobile phone companies in all of China. The [...]

Fortune Smiles on China Chinese Companies Race To New Highs It’s more bad news for the U.S. as the latest Fortune 500 global ranking hits the wires. The number of U.S. companies in the top 500 has fallen to just 140. That is the lowest number since Fortune began the list more than fifteen years [...]

China Phone Stocks Ringing up Profits! Industry giants China Mobile and China Unicom are currently among the market’s biggest Big Cap gainers. Both companies are soaring in anticipation of a new generation of 3G phones entering the world’s biggest wireless market. For China Unicom (CHU), it’s all about the much-coveted 3g iPhone. Unicom executives have [...]